Christmas time, mistletoe and wine...

Did you all have a lovely christmas? I flipping well did, alongside a new wife and a fancy coffee machine (from aforementioned wife) I got to do some cool commissions for people, sold a heft of greetings cards (which can still be purchased from my shop or from The Phoenix Arts Centre should you happen to live in or near Leicester) and got to work on the Jupiter book which I'll be pitching to publishers in the coming months. It's all go at Ink & Booze HQ but I've still some space in my schedule for a commission or two if you're looking for that special unique gift (Valentines day is just around the corner after all) and my prices start at a mere £25 for an a4 drawing of whatever you fancy, as long as it's not some weird benedict cumberbatch/tentacles thing. Sickos.

 Email me at drew to get your order in yeah?


 In other Drew related news, the cards for sale in my shop can now be purchased over the counter in a proper old fashioned manner at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Leicester, I've long admired that place for the cracking selection of films they show and the clear good taste of the people who select art to sell in the main foyer, remember to pick up a card or two should you stop in.

 I've also got some of my older comics for sale in Forbidden Planet in Leicester (my ass is everywhere) at a very reasonable price too, just head upstairs and look for the glowing aura and choir-like hum.