Oh look!


 So the website was down for a while and I haven't updated this blog in ages. Fear not, you can now buy all the badass comics and prints you want from me as well as keeping on top of all the important goings on.

 For instance, Jupiter 2, Turbo Teens and my newest comic Kazam are all available from my online store along with a whole host of prints, comics and badges for you to adorn your home or line your rabbit hutch with.


 I've got some big plans for Jupiter 3 which should be ready to go on sale by the end of October and there's one or two other very cool projects happening right now too.


In other news I've finally set up a Patreon. This is basically a place where you can give me a certain amount of money every month in exchange for loads of comics and other cool stuff. It's a really neat idea and helps keep the lights on at Ink & Booze HQ whilst I draw. you can go here to check it out - https://www.patreon.com/drewaskew


 I'm also happy to report that I'll be at this years Thought Bubble festival once again on the 5 and 6th of November where I can be found in New Dock Hall (my personal favourite of the TB Halls) and I'm super excited about it.


 Check back regularly as I'm gonna try to maintain a more active presence on this site as well as my other social media 


   Cheers me dears!


There should be some reviews and spotlights coming in the near future for Jupiter (now on sale at the online shop and several comics retailers in the UK) So i'll make a point of posting them on here as a flagrant display of how much I thrive of the validation of others.

 Anyway, first one is from  http://thecomic-connoisseur.blogspot.co.uk , a new blog about small press comics and conventions by none other than Mrs Drew Askew herself.

 I realise there might be some nepotism here but sod it, it's a good blog and you should go read. ta.

As Staind once sang...

It's been a while, frankly I'm just not in the habit of blogging. Bloody shocking at it really, hopefully that's something I'll rectify in the coming months.

 I guess I won't bury the lead and let you know what's been going on.

Firstly, the first issue of what I'm hoping will be a full graphic novel at some point is coming out this weekend. Jupiter (which you've probably heard me banging on about on one form of social media or another is something of an enigma, wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a Lucha Libre mask. 

 Set in 1940's California, it tales the tale of an ex-wrestler turned private eye, though he tends to specialise in cases of the bizarre and macabre. 

 I'd had the idea for a while to build a world somewhere between Hellboy, Ghostbusters and Chinatown, I really like the tropes of film noir and thought it would be fun to play in that place of tommy guns, femme fatales and satanic rituals raising demons to the mortal plain. 

 Anyway, the first issue serves as a prologue for the proposed book in which the titular hero has adventures, explains his past and we get a somewhat realistic history of Lucha Libre and the culture it inspires. Fun.

 I've also done work on a children's book with an author which is now on sale through Amazon called 'The Dandelion Who Refused To Be A Weed' it's for super young 'uns but it's a fun read and I'll be doing some more of these books later on in the year.

 It's been difficult to manage the illustration side of things alongside my part time job in a comic shop, starting a new band and being freshly married (albeit to a wonderful and supportive woman who is always cheering me on in my endevours regardless of how grumpy I get when overworked) but I feel I'm starting to settle into a groove with it all and I'm looking forward to the rest of this year, writing more comics and going to conventions. 

 Speaking of which, at present I should be making appearances at ELCAF, Thought Bubble and a few other shows around the UK throughout the year as yet to be announced. 

 Anyone wanting to see me and tell me how wonderful my beard is can go to MCM in birmingham this weekend and I'll be there with copies of Jupiter, my other comics and whatever else I can scribble on and sell to you. 

Hopefully I'll see you there and we can be best pals forever yeah?


Christmas time, mistletoe and wine...

Did you all have a lovely christmas? I flipping well did, alongside a new wife and a fancy coffee machine (from aforementioned wife) I got to do some cool commissions for people, sold a heft of greetings cards (which can still be purchased from my shop or from The Phoenix Arts Centre should you happen to live in or near Leicester) and got to work on the Jupiter book which I'll be pitching to publishers in the coming months. It's all go at Ink & Booze HQ but I've still some space in my schedule for a commission or two if you're looking for that special unique gift (Valentines day is just around the corner after all) and my prices start at a mere £25 for an a4 drawing of whatever you fancy, as long as it's not some weird benedict cumberbatch/tentacles thing. Sickos.

 Email me at drew askew@me.com to get your order in yeah?


 In other Drew related news, the cards for sale in my shop can now be purchased over the counter in a proper old fashioned manner at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Leicester, I've long admired that place for the cracking selection of films they show and the clear good taste of the people who select art to sell in the main foyer, remember to pick up a card or two should you stop in.

 I've also got some of my older comics for sale in Forbidden Planet in Leicester (my ass is everywhere) at a very reasonable price too, just head upstairs and look for the glowing aura and choir-like hum.


New book

My next book is gonna be a corker.


 You know how you've always wanted to read a tale that combines the theatricality of Mexican professional wrestling with the grimy, black and white world of noir whilst nodding in the direction of Hellboy and the mysteries of the occult? Well want no more!

 Jupiter Guerrero is an ex-successful luchador wrestler turned ex-failed film star turned monster hunting private eye operating out of the mysterious (and always night time) town of El Santo California.

 The book will be a collection of short tales with an overlaying story arc, in black and white (natch) and should be available to buy here spring of 2015. Keep 'em peeled gringos.


Recent work

So this would be my fancy new website which I'll be using to post my recent work and anything illustration related that I find to be of interest.

 I've recently completed the first of two books I'll be illustrating for Troubadour which should be available as an ebook before the end of the year and am currently working on the follow up to Sheriffs Of Nottingham as well as a new comics project I'm pretty excited about. I'm an excitable chap after all.

 Be sure to report back for more updates and feel free to head to the online shop so I can send you picture books in exchange for your hard earned currency.

 Oh, the Doctor Who thing is a thing I'm working on which may or may not be a thing. We'll see.